Concerns, Compliments and Complaints

The OHA Police Department strives to deliver the best possible customer service to residents, staff or the authority, citizens and visitors of our communities.  We encourage citizens to voice their opinions, good or bad, to the Police Department.  The Department has mechanisms in place to receive and address compliments, concerns or complaints regarding our employees.


The OHA Police Department investigates all complaints against members of the Department.  You may initiate a complaint by telephone, mail, e-mail or in person. We are committed to working with the community to provide the highest level of police service.  We appreciate and encourage citizen communications with the Police Department to improve community relations and help build greater confidence in our Department.

During normal business hours external complaints about Police personnel shall be referred to one of the following:

  • The Chief of Police
  • An on-duty sergeant
  • The on-duty watch commander


After normal business hours, complaints shall be referred to the ranking on-duty commanding officer. When such complaints cannot be resolved to the satisfaction of the complainant, the commanding officer shall give the complainant a Citizen Report Form​, an​d​ advise the complainant to read the form thoroughly, complete the form, and to mail it to the listed address as soon as possible. If the complainant does not wish to complete the form, he or she shall be instructed to contact the Chief’s designee.


The Administration and Support Commander maintains a log of all complaints received by the Department, and shall is responsible for the preparation of the annual complaint statistical summary report and the Department’s annual report, and for distributing them to the Executive Director. The summary shall indicate the:

  • Type of complaint, by source and classification
  • Number of complainants and allegations
  • Complaints per organizational unit
  • Trends in complaints​

​​​​​​ 2021 Annual Report of Citizen Complaints Against Peace Officers (Click image for report)​

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