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Requesting Police Services

Emergency: 911

Call for police assistance in emergency situations and crimes in progress.

OHA Police Dispatch: (510)535-3100

TTY/TDD (510)535-3199


Anonymous Reporting

Crime Hotline: (510)535-3155

OHAPD Email:

Customer Assistance Center Email:


Office of the Chief of Police

Alan Love, Chief of Police; (510)535-3113

Lieutenant Paul Malech, Chief's Adjutant, (510)535-3154

Samantha Baptiste (Temp), Administrative Assistant, (510)535-3106

Investigations Unit

Sergeant Casey Mooningham, Investigations Supervisor, (510)535-3124

Detective Tyler Walstrum, Investigator, (510)535-3159

Detective Brian Quon​, Investigator, (510)535-3171

Communications & Records

Jackie Mesterhazy​Communications & Records Manager, (510)535-3129

Chris Hough, Community & Records Supervisor, (510)535-3109


Field Operations

Acting Captain Luther DuPree, III, Field Operations Commander, (510)535-3157

Sergeant Kenneth Nielsen, Squad-1 Supervisor, (510)535-3156​

Corporal Jose Cortez, Squad-1 Corporal, (510)535-3100

Sergeant Ramon Jacobo​, Squad-2 Supervisor, (510)535-3122
Corporal Adam Ward, Squad-2 Corporal, (510)535-3100

Corporal Manuel DeOchoa, Squad-3 Corporal, (510)535-3100

Corporal Muang ​Saeturn, Squad-4Supervisor, (510)535-3123​
Corporal Nai Saecha​o​, Squad-4 Corporal, (510)535-3100

Officer Irvin Arias, Cadet Coordinator, (510)535-3112​​​​​​​​​​​​​​