Public Records

California Public Records Act 

The California State Legislature adopted the Public Records Act in 1975 and included all records of the state and local agencies written on or after January 6 of that year. The Public Records Act is designed to give the public access to information in possession of public agencies. The Act also provides that public records shall be open for inspection during regular office hours of the agency. The public can inspect any record unless the record is exempted from disclosure under the Act, and the agency bears the burden of justifying why the records cannot be disclosed and is responsible for required redactions. 

Public Records Request
To request public records, download, print and complete the form below. 

Submit the completed form to:

Oakland Housing Authority

Executive office 

1619 Harrison Street, 2nd Floor 

Oakland, CA 94612 

Attn: Valerie Graham 

If you need additional assistance with public records, or to mail, email or fax your public records request, please contact:

Valerie Graham​, Risk Management Analyst

Tel: 510-874-1579