Continued Participation

Have you experienced a loss of income due to COVID-19?

If you are experiencing a loss of income due to the current public health crisis, you have two options for submitting your interim request.  You may either:

1. Submit your request online using OHA’s Resident Portal​ 

Register and login to the online portal

Follow the instructions for submitting the online forms

Include the Self-Certification Form

(For instructions on how to register for the portal, click here​.)​

2. Complete and submit your request via email or US mail

For email send to:​

For US mail send to: 1540 Webster Street, Oakland, CA 94612

For either email or mail, you must include the following documents:

o Income Change Form​

o Income and Asset Form​

o Authorization Form​

o Self-Certification Form​

Please allow at least 21 business days for processing of your interim request.

Participant Obligations

Continued program participation requires the family uphold its Participant Obligations.​
Program obligations of the family are described in the housing choice voucher (HCV) and project based voucher (PBV) regulations and on the voucher itself. These obligations include responsibilities the family is required to fulfill, as well as prohibited actions. OHA must inform families of these obligations during the oral briefing, and the same information must be included in the briefing packet. When the family’s unit is approved and the HAP contract is executed, the family must meet those obligations in order to continue participating in the program. All adult members must read and sign the Participant Obligations form annually.

Violation of any family obligation may result in termination of assistance.


Section 8 Participant Obligations​​

Project Based Voucher Participant Obligations