Supportive Services

Oakland Housing Authority recognizes that from time to time, even the most responsible people face circumstances outside of their control and need a little additional help. In addition to providing housing assistance, the OHA staff is here to support your household with help when you face an emergency like a fire or other natural disaster. We are also here to help you through unintended job loss, but just as importantly, we are here to support you with the job you already have.

We offer much needed support with emergency needs and everyday needs, as well as your health and wellness needs. Through a variety of programs, OHA strengthens the security of your hard work gives your family by boosting your success. For instance, if you already have a job we make it easier to do your job by helping with childcare, dues, tools and other job-related essentials.

The information below highlights some of the most common areas in which we can help; but please feel free to contact FCP staff to discuss your specific circumstances and we will work with you to overcome the obstacles to your success.

Emergency Assistance

In the unfortunate event of an emergency or unforeseen circumstance, FCP can work directly with your family, with your property manager or the Leased Housing department to address the crisis. For example, we have worked with the Red Cross to assist in providing blankets, diapers, and groceries when units were being repaired due to fire.  We can also connect you with grief and loss counseling and helped secure proper documents such as police reports so that you can take advantage of available services. 

Please contact us to find out more.  510-587-5104 or​


Everyday Needs

We also offer personalized services to individuals and families consistent with our mission of supporting families with meeting your education, employment and health goals. We also assist with basic needs such as food, transportation (bus or BART pass), clothing assistance for school uniforms, identification of childcare resources, referrals to counseling services and more. 

Computer Labs and Technology

Increasingly, computers are required to accomplish everyday tasks from searching for jobs to talking to Grandma. Each of our labs is equipped with computers that have Internet access and Microsoft Office Suite, along with free printing.  Click here​ for more information about workshops and events. 

Please contact us for additional information about our computer lab or to request a workshop or individual tutoring session. FCP oversees computer labs at the following locations:

  • Peralta Village (1670 8th Street)
  • Lockwood Gardens (1327 65th Avenue)
  • Palo Vista Gardens (6403 Fenham Street)
  • Campbell Village (800 Willow Street)
  • Harrison Towers (1621 Harrison Street, 3rd floor)

Health and Wellness

Through our community-based partnerships, FCP offers fitness classes, health screenings and food pantries.  Please click here​ to learn more about upcoming events.


Contact FCP to learn how we can be of service to each member of you household. You may reach us by calling (510) 587-5104 or via e-mail at​​​​