Active Bids

Num​ber ​Name Issue Date Due Date
​RFP 20-018 RFP 20-018 Solid Waste Disposal Consultant Services​ 08/26/2020​ ​09/14/2020

(OAHPI) RFQ Harrison Tower Pre-Construction General Contracting Services

A. ​Property Description
B. Existing Design Documents
b.1 Initial Needs Assessment Report
b.2 Seismic PML Report (Tier 2)
b.3 Geotech Investigation Report
b.4 Phase 1 ESA​
b.5 Lead ACM Report
b.6 Schematic Design Set
C. Statement of Qualifications
D. Contractors' Experience Table
E. Legal Documents
F. Submission Checklist​

07/27/2020​ 09/​09/2020
  Please review individual bid documents for specific information about 
    ​submission of questions, addenda, and pertinent dates and times.​​​