Free Internet Initiative

Oakland Housing Authority (OHA) recognizes that home internet connectivity is no longer a luxury - it is a necessity. For too many, the high cost of the internet presents a significant barrier to access. As such, OHA will provide free high-speed internet to OHA's four largest housing communities, with plans to expand to additional​​​ sites in 2024-2025 and beyond.
The initial sites include:
  • Palo Vista Gardens
  • Peralta Village
  • Lockwood Gardens
  • Campbell Village

Service installation will begin in July 2024 in Palo Vista Gardens, and it is planned to be fully operational at the remaining sites by Fall 2024. Residents will have free service until at least 2027.

How you will benefit:
     ✔︎ High speed 900+ Mbps internet
      ✔︎ Dedicated private network 
      ✔︎ Control with easy-to-use app 
      ✔︎ Hassle-free equipment

      ✔︎ No hidden fees

The Internet service provider: Aervivo

Additional Resources:​