Housing Programs

When available, Oakland Housing Authority offers rent subsidies to clients who qualify through a variety of different programs. Potential residents are encouraged to apply for housing that meets the needs of their household when pre-applications are being accepted. Generally, applicants are selected through a lottery process and placed on Waiting Lists until housing is available for specific units based on family composition.

MTW Housing Programs Offered by OHA

MTW Housing Choice Voucher Program​ (Section 8)-OHA subsidizes a portion of the rent that the tenant pays to a private landlord. Tenants who possess a Section 8 Voucher are able to locate a unit of their choice in a neighborhood of their choice, and are also allowed to move out of the city or state and continue using their Voucher after one year of continuous residence in Oakland (portability). The key to the Section 8 voucher Program is that the Voucher moves with the resident, and is not tied to any particular unit.


MTW Project-Based Housing Voucher Program-Tenants who reside in units using the Project-based Voucher Program have rent subsidized similarly to those using Section 8 Vouchers. However, the subsidy is tied to the unit, not the resident. Residents of these units pay a portion of their rent and OHA also pays a portion to the property owner on behalf of the tenant.


MTW Public Housing-OHA owns and operates a number of small and large apartment buildings throughout Oakland. In these Public Housing sites, residents are offered below market rate rent or rental subsidies. No vouchers are used in the Public Housing units and tenants generally do not move unless there are changes to their family composition or they are exiting the program.


Non-MTW Housing Programs Offered by OHA

Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing (VASH) Program-America's Veterans may access the VASH program for subsidized rent and case management services. Homeless veterans must be referred by the Department of Veterans Affairs.


Non-Elderly Disabled (NED)-OHA administers NED vouchers which are designed to provide assisted housing to families whose head, spouse, or co-head is disabled and under 62 years old. All NED households have the same rights and responsibilities as Housing Choice Voucher households.

Shelter Plus Care​-Through this program affordable housing and support services are offered to homeless people living on the street. To qualify for assistance, participants must be homeless and disabled by chronic alcohol or drug problems, serious mental illness, or AIDS and Related Disorders. In addition to receiving a rental subsidy, Shelter Plus Care participants receive support services through a network of local service agencies. Shelter Plus Care is run by the Alameda County Housing and Community Development Department in partnership with the Oakland, Alameda City, and Alameda County Housing Authorities. 


Moderate Rehabilitation Program-The Section 8 Moderate Rehabilitation Program (Mod Rehab) is a unit-based rental subsidy program that links the funding of affordable housing with the rehabilitation of rental property in the community. Unlike tenant-based Vouchers, Mod Rehab subsidies are tied to individual rental units. This means the subsidy is not transferable and a participant can only receive assistance if he or she is living in a Mod Rehab unit. Some Moderate Rehabilitation units are set-aside for people who are elderly, homeless, or disabled.​​​​​​​​​​​​