Policies, Plans and Reports

OHA is a Public Housing agency that operates under the authority of the U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development​ (HUD). We are governed by local, state and federal laws, rules and regulations. As such, we post our plans and reports in compliance with our governing bodies. For more information please contact our Executive Office or download any of the reports listed below by clicking the image.

2025 Plans and Report 

              MTW2023AnnualPlanCover updated.jpg               

2024 Plans and Report 

                    FY 2024 Annual MTW Plan TA2024.jpg                              FY 2024 MTW Plan draft for public comment.pdf         DHP Cover.jpg   
      Draft 2024 Admin Plan Update_Page_001       Draft 2024 ACOP Update_Page_001
   Draft 2024 Admin Plan     Draft 2024 ACOP

2023 Plans and Report 


          MTW2023AnnualPlanCover updated.jpg               ACOP 2023 Update_Page_001.jpg             ACOP 2023 Update_Page_001.jpg

2022 Plans and Report 

    ​                  ​                

FY2022 MTW Annual Report      FY 2022 Admin Plan​                    2022 FY ACFR​

2021 Plans and Report​

     oakland FY2022 MTW Plan with approval letter_Page_002.jpg                    ​           

2019 ACOP and Admin Plan

2020 Plans and Report


 MTW2020AnnualPlanv2 (2).jpg  

 (2020 Plan and 

Technical Amendment)

2019 Plans and Reports



​2018 Plans and Reports
 ​  ​   ​ 

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Development Policy​
Real Estate Development Policy (Adopted April 8, 2013)​

Special Report(s)

Evaluation of Oakland Sponsor-Based Housing Assistance Program (Click image for document)



Oakland PATH Rehousing Initiative (OPRI) 2013 Program Update (Click image for document)

​​​​​​​​​​​​Chapter 17 v2 - Admin Plan.pdfChapter 17 v2 - Admin Plan.pdf