Asset Management

The goal of the Asset Management Department is to support OHA’s mission of assuring the availability of quality housing for low income persons, promoting the civic involvement and economic self-sufficiency of residents and, further the expansion of affordable housing within Oakland. We do this by maintaining, operating and providing for the safety and care of just about 2,500 units in the City of Oakland.


The Oakland Housing Authority (OHA) Asset Management (AM) department is responsible for the long-term stewardship of a wide-range of property types across the city of Oakland.
The AM team’s responsibility encompasses physical, financial, and operational compliance oversight for properties that utilize a variety of financial instruments including hard and soft debt, federal tax-credits, Moving to Work (MTW) Funds (MTW plans can be found here), and operating subsidies. These properties have units that are either public housing units, local non-traditional units, or project-based units.
The AM department provides a monthly report of activities during the Board of Commissioners meetings.