Family and Community Partnerships

The Family & Community Partnerships​ (FCP) Department is the community and social services arm of OHA.  We connect over 16,000 OHA families with career and educational opportunities, civic engagement initiatives, and community-building programs.  

We are here to educate our residents about OHA programs and services, support them while they pursue​ their personal goals, empower and advocate on their behalf.  FCP programs are designed to build on best practices in the field, serve the whole person and the entire family, and maintain synergy between FCP programs and core OHA functions. 

FCP offers support in six general categories:     

Nicole Thompson, Director of Family and Community Partnerships
(510) 587-5105

Janis Ras​ar​​​​, Administrative Assistant

Contact Family and Community​ Partnerships (FCP):
935 Union Street, Oakland, CA 94607 (West District Office)
1325 65th Av​enue, Oakland, CA 94610​ (East District Office)
(510) 587-5104​​​