Moving With Continued Assistance

Right to Move

Families may utilize their voucher to move into a unit that the owner is willing to rent to them under the program guidelines. This part covers the general rules that apply to all moves by a family assisted under OHA’s HCV program, whether the family moves to another unit within OHA’s jurisdiction or moves to a unit outside OHA’s jurisdiction. Moves to a jurisdiction outside of Oakland are covered under the section on portability. 


In general, the family is allowed to move if the following conditions are met:

  • The family has completed its initial lease term in the subsidized unit.
  • The family has a right to terminate the lease on notice to the owner (for the owner’s breach or otherwise) and has given a notice of termination to the owner in accordance with the lease. If the family terminates the lease on notice to the owner, the family must give the PHA a copy of the notice at the same time.
  • The lease for the family’s unit has been terminated by mutual agreement of the owner and the family.
  • The owner has given the family a notice to vacate, has commenced an action to evict the family, or has obtained a court judgment or other process allowing the owner to evict the family. The family must give the PHA a copy of any owner eviction notice.
  • The PHA has terminated the assisted lease for the family’s unit for the owner’s breach.
  • The PHA determines that the family’s current unit does not meet the HQS space standards because of an increase in family size or a change in family composition. In such cases, the PHA must issue the family a new voucher, and the family and PHA must try to find an acceptable unit as soon as possible.

How to Move

 For OHA determined moves, the family will be issued a transfer voucher.

For voluntary moves, the family must  request and receive a transfer voucher prior to moving from the unit. The family may request a transfer voucher by submitting a copy of the Notice of Intent to Vacate​ along with Transfer Voucher Request Form.


When the move is approved, the family will be issued a transfer voucher that is good for ninety (90) days.  Families unable to locate a suitable unit within that time frame who are still residing in the subsidized unit will notify their present owner a second time and be issued a new voucher.  If the family no longer resides in the unit, they may request an extension to their voucher.


Voucher Issuance and Briefing

  • For families approved to move to a new unit within OHA’s jurisdiction, OHA will issue a new voucher within 10 business days after all required documents have been received necessary documents have been submitted by the family.
  • For families approved to move to a new unit outside of OHA’s jurisdiction, OHA will issue a new voucher with the portability package within 15 business days after all required documents have been received.