Eligibility Screening

When a wait list is open, OHA announces publicly that it will accept Pre-Applications though a lotterized process.** Following the lottery, a wait list is established. Names are pulled from these existing wait lists and applicants are screened for eligibity to the program.

OHA screens pre-applications to determine if applicants are eligible for any of the OHA housing programs. To do this we:
  • Conduct the  Preference Verificaion Interview and Intake​​ for applicants
  • Obtain information about family composition​
  • Verify income and assets
  • Determine general program suitability (by obtaining criminal background screenings for all adult members who will be included on the lease)

We also receive incoming p​ortable clients​​ (Port-ins).

*Reasonable accom​modations​​ can be requested by any disabled applicant, tenant or Section 8 Participant.​​